Sound Bars

Introducing High-Resolution Audio Sound Bars

When you’re watching your favourite TV series, the latest summer blockbuster, or the latest works of your favourite musical talent, audio sound bars are sure to offer an amazing sound experience.

These innovative speaker systems deliver multi-dimensional sound from virtually any source-type for full-throated, immersive audio. With advanced available features like Adaptive Sound Control and Sound Sync, you get optimized performance that is second to none.

With modern features like sound link, you no longer need to renovate your entertainment space to obtain the ultimate sound experience. Simply link your sound bar and mated speakers to the source device the same way you would link a Bluetooth to your smartphone or other wireless device. Then, simply place the speakers where you want them. Change the configuration at will for different events and media types. The options have never been better or more numerous.

Some models come with Chromecast, or other streaming compatible features. These allow you to use your sound bar with your favourite music streaming service such as Google Play or Pandora.

Multi-Dimensional Sound

Advanced audio rendering and state of the art manufacturing techniques make multi-dimensional sound a reality. Enjoy the most realistic, layered, 3D audio experience in the history of high fidelity. Experience crystal clarity and 3D sound, making it feel like you’re in the room, concert hall, or studio. Enhanced bass lets the intended magnitude of the film, music, or what have you enter the room for an unforgettable effect.

Most models come with independent volume control, enabling you to place the sound-center at any point you like with just a few easy adjustments.

Hi-Res Audio

Advances in digital audio have given sound bars some pretty special capabilities that are sure to impress even the most jaded audiophile. With superior bit depth and extremely faithful sampling rates, you can enjoy a sound experience that can even compete with a live concert.

Certified High Resolution means you’ll be able to play back lossless stereo audio for intense accuracy and clarity. Audiophile-grade means you get a speaker system featuring advanced hardware design and signal processing for perfect sound imaging across the field, profile and span of your audio projection with enhanced bass presets and custom clear vocals.

Adaptive Sound

Soundbars in Weyburn feature available adaptive sound control. This innovative sound technology takes a profile of the audio source type, such as movie type (action, drama, comedy…) and automatically adjusts the audio to suit the medium. Add to that, wireless surround speakers with 4K pass-through, and you’ve got a powerful home theatre package suitable for any occasion.